ecd-sign multimedia design


Client: Le Coq Sportif 
Country: UK  
Product: Tour de France 2014 yellow Jersey  
Agency: ecd-sign 
Technical details: Projection mapping, window display installation 

Client: Up to You  
Country: UK  
Product: Clothing  
Agency: ecd-sign 
Technical details: Video direction and editing image and sound 

Geometris typeface

Project: Geometris Typeface  
Country: UK  
Product: Typeface design  
Agency: ecd-sign 
Technical details: Typographic design, geometry based font 

Client: Think! 
Country: UK 
Product: Campaign advert  
Agency: ecd-sign 
Technical details: Video creativity, direction and editing image and sound 


Client: American Express Argentina 
Country: Argentina  
Product: Membership Rewards - Rewards Online Catalogue  
Agency: OgilvyInteractive Argentina 
Technical details: Flash coded/animated online catalogue 

Client: Boardman Bikes 
Country: UK  
Product: SLS 9.8 elite range frameset  
Agency: ecd-sign 
Technical details: Experimental projection mapping in studio 


Country: UK  
Product: Digital art  
Agency: ecd-sign 
Technical details: Experimenting with fractal images 


Client: Flehner Films 
Country: Argentina  
Product: Corporate Identity and Website  
Agency: ecd-sign 
Technical details: Design and development of the movie production company
Corporate Identity, website design and development


Client: Kimberly Clark Latin America for Huggies nappies range 
Country: Latin America and the Caribbean 
Product: Website  
Agency: OgilvyInteractive Argentina 
Technical details: NET coded website, full content managed website 

Space Debris Tetris

Project: Space Debris Tetris  
Country: UK  
Product: Experimental tridimensional animation  
Agency: ecd-sign 
Technical details: Flash animated fractal of a deconstructed cube 


Audio Visual design & installations for retail, product display, events design and arts

Architectural design of display space, light design, window display design

Visual design, brand experience, creativity and innovation

Concept and creativity for audiovisual, graphic, web design and production


Conceptualisation / Audiovisual design / Brand experience / Interactivity / Space consulting and design / Display design / Production and installation


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